Monitor All Your Vendors for Breaches, Compliance Violations, and Other Incidents

OneTrust Vendorpedia is powered by OneTrust DataGuidance™ and OneTrust Athena™ AI to detect incidents and alert you when they occur

Vendor Inventory

Vendor Breaches Can Happen at Any Time.

Are You Ready to Respond?

Incidents relating to vendors are becoming more frequent. With more data than ever, if an incident occurs, it may be far more costly and affect far more people. And with more vendors than ever, it’s difficult to know if an incident has occurred. OneTrust Vendorpedia, in combination with OneTrust DataGuidance™, gives you the tools to monitor your vendor inventory for data breaches, regulatory enforcement actions, and other incidents.

OneTrust Athena
Powered by OneTrust DataGuidance™ and Athena™ AI

OneTrust DataGuidance tracks 100s of different sources, from breaches to regulatory enforcement actions. OneTrust Athena AI can then parses through this information and helps kick off automation through its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine.

Detect Data Breaches from All Your Vendors

DataGuidance monitors all your vendors for data breaches. Additionally, DataGuidance can identify market trends, at-risk industries, and susceptible vendors to help you proactively prepare for potential incidents.

Third-Party Risk Management Risk Workflow
Track Regulatory Enforcement Actions and Compliance Violations

Hold your vendors accountable to the same standards you operate under. DataGuidance leverages dozens of in-house researchers to monitor compliance violations and will alert you when it occurs.

Respond to a Vendor Breach with Automation Workflows

Build custom workflows based on associated risks relating to incidents. Bring in the right people at the right time to mitigate the risks and maintain a detailed audit trail on response activities.

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Third-Party Risk Management
Data Breach Alerts

Identify breaches associated to your vendors as they happen, enabling you to respond quickly

Financial Reporting
Compliance Violations

Pinpoint vendors that have compliance issues and penalties against key regulations and laws

Vendor Security
Incident Monitoring

Monitor all type of incidents, from business continuity to breaches and compliance issues

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