Build Your Trust Page and Promote Your Security Program with Vendor Trust Profile™

Build a security, privacy, compliance, and trust page for your website, facilitate all due diligence requests, and securely share information with customers and prospects

Vendor Trust Profile Example

Build a Trust Profile to Share with
Your Customers and Prospects

Organizations around the world are often required to answer lengthy security questionnaires. However, in some cases, a security questionnaire can be avoided (if certain details are shared in advance). With Vendor Trust Profile, your organization can build, deploy, and maintain a trust page on your website. Profiles are a simple way to promote your security program by consolidating critical security, privacy, and compliance details in one place. Through the profile, your customers and prospects can request access to documentation and pre-completed assessments, reducing the need to complete custom questionnaires.

Vendor Trust Profile Dashboard
Spend Less Time Answering Security Questionnaires

Build trust with your customers and prospects in less time by creating and sharing your organization’s Vendor Trust Profile. Design and customize your trust page with security, privacy, and compliance details that matter most to your customer base. Using your Vendor Trust Profile, securely share documentation, certifications, pre-completed assessments, and more.

Empower Sales Teams to Promote Your Security Program

Keep your sales team selling by eliminating time-consuming security questionnaires that slow down deals. Enable your sales team to easily share your trust page by sharing your public-facing Vendor Trust Profile, giving customers’ the ability to make specific requests for sensitive documentation. Avoid the accidental sharing of outdated information by enabling your security team to update your profile directly, publishing the latest information to your website with the click of a button.

Vendor Trust Profile Example
Stay Organized with Questionnaire & Evidence Requests

Build one “source of truth” Vendor Trust Profile and point all your customers to the same place. Leverage a secure portal to centralize all communication with customers, instead of getting bogged down in emails. Through the portal, confirm NDAs, share your assessment answers, documentation, certifications, and evidence.

Promote Your Vendor Trust Profile Within the Exchange

Join 70,000+ vendors providing security information into the exchange. Make it easy for thousands of exchange users to request access to your organization’s security, privacy, and compliance details, while benchmarking your organization’s profile with others in your industry.

Share Security Documentation
How the Vendor Trust Profile Works

1. Build your trust profile by aggregating security documentation, certifications, and completed assessments into a single repository

2. Deploy your trust profile to your website, keeping sensitive information locked until your team approves access

3. Share your trust profile with prospects and customers to demonstrate your dedication to security, privacy, and compliance

4. Communicate with prospects and customers through a secure portal, avoiding email and providing an audit trail

5. Update your trust profile as needed, and then publish directly to your website without any code changes or website development

Want to learn more about joining the
Vendorpedia Exchange Community?

By joining the Exchange Community as a vendor, your company can automatically respond to security questionnaires and proactively share your security, privacy, and compliance details to your customers and promote your program to thousands of OneTrust users.

Share On Your Website

Promote your security, privacy, and compliance program with an easy-to-build, easy-to-deploy Vendor Trust Profile

Vendor Security
Enable Your Sales Team

Keep your sales team selling by giving them the ability proactively share your profile and make requests for information

Centralize Information Requests

Funnel all requests through your profile, enabling secure sharing access to completed questionnaires and other information

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