Technology to Power Your Third-Party Risk Program

Mitigate Risk and Threats from Vendors, Suppliers and Third Parties

Vendor Exchange

Subscribe to Security & Privacy Research on Thousands of Global Vendors


Leverage Extensive Vendor Research

Searching for risk-related information on your vendors doesn’t require scouring the web. Vendorpedia Exchange offers detailed profiles on more than 7,000 global vendors, each pre-populated with valuable information.

Save Time with Pre-Completed Assessments

Your vendors answer the same type of risk assessments all the time. We’ve collected vendors’ answers from common industry-standard questionnaires to make them available when requests are approved by your third party.

Maintain Evergreen Vendor Data

Third-party security and privacy postures always change. By linking the Exchange to your vendor records, critical information, such as security & privacy certifications statuses, auto-update in your vendor inventory. 

Gain Service- and Product-Level Visibility

Your vendors have different services and products, each with unique risks. Vendorpedia Exchange provides information at a granular level, enabling you to drill into specific services and products to find the data you need.

Vendor Assessments

Clarity at Every Stage of the Vendor Engagement Lifecycle


Gain 360° Vendor Visibility

Every vendor is different, and with customizable vendor profiles you can centralize all relevant information in one place to build an organized vendor inventory that surfaces the data you care about most. 

Collaborate More Effectively

The vendor lifecycle involves many stakeholders at different stages. Create repeatable processes that align to your goals with tailored workflows, auto-assigned tasks, scheduled reminders, and comments & notifications. 

Assess Vendor Risks with Confidence

With dozens of out-of-the-box assessment templates, an easy drag-and-drop questionnaire builder, and automated controls identification, you can rapidly evaluate how much risks any vendor poses.

Scale Your Third-Party Program

Software should be simple to use, easy to setup, and powerful in practice. OneTrust Vendorpedia is purpose-built to help you implement a third-party risk program that’s flexible to your needs and operates effectively at any scale.

Vendor Chasing Services

Your Questionnaire Collections Agency, At No Extra Cost


Offload Vendor Questionnaires 

When assessing vendors, half the battle is getting a response. With Vendorpedia Chasing, we handle all assessment-related work, including identifying correct contacts, following up, and answering any of your vendors’ questions.

Save Money & Reallocate Resources

Your time is money, and assessing third parties can be painstakingly slow. Vendorpedia Chasing is free with your license, and the service eliminates repetitive tasks, giving your team the bandwidth to work on high-value projects.

Get Vendor Responses Faster

When you use Vendorpedia Chasing, you enlist a team of expert agents to work directly with your vendors. Our team has developed a proprietary and systematic approach to complete vendor assessments in a timely manner.

Use Our Agents at Any Time

Your team shouldn’t have to work around the clock, but that doesn’t mean productivity needs to come to a halt. OneTrust Vendorpedia agents are multilingual, located around the world, and work 24/7 to deliver results.

Vendor Data Flows

Get Greater Value Out of Your Vendor Data

capability-Data Feeds

Auto-Draw Lineage to Understand Vendor Usage

There is often a lack of visibility into what vendors actually do. With auto-drawn lineage diagrams, we help you understand how vendors work together and what data is involved, even as engagements evolve over time. 

Maintain Records for Compliance

Under many regulations, such as the GDPR, building a data map is fundamental for compliance. When combined, your third-party risk program adds a level of risk detail to your data map that often lies within the shadows.

Identify Cross-Border Data Flows

Where your data goes can have severe security, privacy, and compliance implications. With Vendorpedia Data Mapping, you can visualize every cross-border data flow to inform your vendor risk evaluations.

Understand the Business Context of Every Risk

The way you use a vendor can change the severity of risks associated with your engagement. Track threats at the processing activity level to gain greater risk insight and trigger reassessments if your usage of a vendor changes. 

Vendor Contracts

Identify Contractual Gaps & Hold Every Vendor Accountable


Extract Key Contract Terms & DPAs

Contracts are long and filled with legalese. Use structured fields to report and identify key contract gaps that matter to stakeholders across the business, whether it be procurement, security, privacy, finance, IT, or any other function.

Scope Contracts for Applicability

Your vendor may have an ISO 27001 certificate, but it might not apply to the product your using. Use engagements in OneTrust to understand the scope of a contract and the applicability of security and privacy certifications.

Locate Contract Details with Ease

Incidents, 4th-party changes, and even consumer or data subject requests require that you work with your vendors to maintain compliance and secure data. Extract terms and reference them as evidence for vendor cooperation.

Reduce Human Error with Contract Triggers

With many vendors in use, it’s difficult to know when contracts expire and when third parties require reassessment. With contract triggers, you can easily configure automation rules to re-send assessments when needed.

Vendor Monitoring

Proactively Monitor Your Vendors’ Security, Privacy, and Compliance


Prevent Vendor Incidents with Proactive Monitoring

Your vendors’ risks aren’t static. Maintain a pulse on the cybersecurity and privacy posture of your vendors via updates through the Exchange, which is updated daily by our team of 40 in-house security and privacy experts.

Reassess Vendors with Automation Triggers

Manually sending every vendor an assessment when contracts are up for renewal or new risks arise is time-consuming. Configure rules to automate the reassessment process on a schedule or when risk scores change.

Detect 4th-Party Vendor Changes

The vendors your third parties use can impact your security, privacy, and compliance risks. Vendorpedia Monitoring can detect 4th-party changes and alert you when your third parties introduce new vendors into the equation. 

Receive Alerts When Vendor Risks Arise

You should know when vendor data changes, especially if it introduces new issues that require mitigation. We send you notifications so you can maintain a pulse on your vendors as critical information changes. 

Vendor Breach Alerts

Get Alerts When Your Vendors Experience a Breach


Keep Tabs on Vendor Incidents

If one of your third parties suffers a breach, you should be the first to know. We track incidents for your most critical vendors so you’ll never get blindsided by a breach that you read about in the news. Alerts are fed from OneTrust DataGuidance, as well as external sources such as the OFAC sanctions list.

Receive Alerts When Enforcements Occur

Regulatory enforcements are more frequent than ever. Your customers’ trust may be at risk when working with vendors under regulatory scrutiny. Maintain an eye on the regulatory landscape with constant enforcement updates.

Track Amendments and Changes to Standards

There are many different laws, standards, and frameworks around the world, with some changing every year. Breach Tracker goes beyond incidents to identify and alert you to industry and legal changes that may impact your program.

Backed By OneTrust DataGuidance

It takes years and thousands of hours to research every law, standard, and framework around the world. OneTrust DataGuidance has done this work for you to gather and analyze the research that matters most to your organization.

Vendor Portal

Empower Your Vendors to Quickly Respond to Assessments


Get Responses Faster with Answer Automation

Your vendors repeatedly fill out similar questionnaires. With Autocomplete for Vendors, repetitive work relating to questionnaire completion is done automatically, auto-populating assessments with the most relevant answers.

Empower Vendors with a Self-Service Portal

Those responding to your assessments deserve an enjoyable experience as well. With an intuitive self-service portal, your vendors can take control over their profile to keep their information and assessments up to date.

Enable Third-Party Assessment Collaboration

Not everyone knows how to answer the questions you care about most. With third-party collaboration, those responding to assessments can communicate and work together to complete assessments in a timely fashion.

Make the Assessment Process Easy on Everyone

The simpler it is to complete an assessment, the faster you’ll receive results. With Autocomplete for Vendors, your third parties can bulk import answers to existing questionnaires instead of manually replying to every question.