Technology to Power Your Third-Party Risk Program

Mitigate Risk and Threats from Vendors, Suppliers and Third Parties

Cyber Risk Exchange

Reduce the burden of vendor risk assessments by tapping into a community of thousands of shared assessments and vendor research


Vendor Chasing Services™

When assessing vendors, half the battle is getting a response. With Vendor Chasing Services™ (Assessments as a Service), we handle all assessment-related work, including identifying correct contacts, following up, and answering any of your vendors’ questions to get assessments completed in less time.

Dynamic Assessment Monitoring

Vendors complete the same assessments over and over again, but through the Cyber Risk Exchange, vendors can leverage one-to-many assessment sharing. And when vendors make changes to their shared assessments, answers are propagated throughout the community, meaning your completed assessments remain evergreen with the latest information.

Assessment Validation

It’s sometimes difficult to validate whether a vendor is adhering to the controls outlined in their risk assessment. With assessment validation, our team and partner network can validate assessments and test controls to verify the legitimacy and accuracy of a vendor risk assessment.

Aggregated Vendor Research

Searching for risk and performance information on your vendors shouldn’t require hours of research. Through the Vendorpedia Cyber Risk Exchange, thousands of detailed vendor risk and performance profiles are made available for instant access, streamlining due diligence and onboarding.

Risk & Performance Insights

Analyze the health of your third-party risk management program with ongoing vendor risk and performance monitoring


Inherent Risk Insights

Not all vendors are created equal. Some pose little risk, while others are mission-critical to operations and may present significant risk if compromised. With Inherent Risk Insights, Vendorpedia can help you prioritize which vendors present the most risks, enabling you to sort through the noise and assess critical vendors in a timely manner.

Predictive Analytics & Reporting

Powered by OneTrust Athena™ AI, and backed by OneTrust DataGuidance™, reporting in Vendorpedia is intelligent. The platform learns from your metrics, industry trends, and ecosystem benchmarking to identify security gaps and predict new risks before they arise. And should an audit be required, quickly generate recordkeeping reports to demonstrate compliance.

Performance & SLA Monitoring

Vendors don’t always adhere to contract requirements, such as data protection clauses or SLAs. Vendorpedia enables active vendor performance and SLA monitoring by tracking uptime and other metrics, providing your team with the visibility to identify underperforming vendors.

Risk Alerts & Triggers

When new risks arise, taking swift action can be the difference between a small problem and a big one. With near real-time alerts, powered by OneTrust Athena™ AI, Vendorpedia can help detect new risks, notify stakeholders, send assessments, and take other mitigation actions.

Assessments & Due Diligence

Streamline and manage the entire vendor lifecycle with assessment automation, intelligent risk flagging, and mitigation workflows


Industry-Standard Assessment Templates

Assessments differ across industries and locations. With dozens of out-of-the-box assessment templates, an easy drag-and-drop questionnaire builder, and automated controls identification, you can rapidly evaluate how much risks any vendor poses without starting from scratch.

Risk Mitigation Workflows

Gaining visibility into your vendor-related risks is only half the battle, with mitigation being just as critical. Leverage OneTrust DataGuidance™ intelligence to improve mitigation decision-making and build tailored treatment workflows to reduce risks and track progress over time.

Vendor Evaluation & Onboarding

Many stakeholders are involved when selecting and onboarding vendors, making the process slow and disjointed. Vendorpedia enables teams to create intelligent workflows with action automation to involve the right stakeholders at the right time. Perform faster evaluations and streamline processes, enabling your team with the tools and technologies they need to succeed.

Business Continuity & Resilience

In times of disruption, organizations can encounter supply chain challenges when suppliers are unable to deliver products and services. With OneTrust Vendorpedia, organizations can take steps to proactively prepare and rapidly react when difficult situations arise. Use the platform to assess the resiliency of your supply chain and develop appropriate business continuity plans.

Research & Intelligence

Automate actions and make faster decisions with AI and an expanding database of standards, laws, breaches, and regulatory enforcements


OneTrust Athena™

Artificial intelligence must have practical applications to add value. The Vendorpedia platform leverages OneTrust Athena™ to predict new vendor risks and performance issues before they arise, as well as trigger automated workflows to reduce manual work.

OneTrust DataGuidance™

With regulations, standards, and frameworks constantly evolving, it can be difficult to keep up. OneTrust DataGuidance™ powers Vendorpedia, embedding exhaustive research directly into the platform to help your organization implement and adapt to frameworks, standards, and regulations.

Robotic Process Automation

Not all tasks need to be done manually. Vendorpedia leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to offload work and eliminate repetitive tasks. Powered by OneTrust Athena™ and over 500 pre-built plugins, the Vendorpedia RPA engine works across your different technologies to develop automated workflows designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Breach & Regulatory Enforcement Monitoring

More than ever, vendors are subject to data breaches and regulatory enforcement actions. Monitor the security, regulatory, and ethical vendor landscape for the latest incidents. Backed by OneTrust DataGuidance™, Vendorpedia can detect incidents, alert the right stakeholder, and trigger response workflows.

Additional Key Capabilities

Mature your third-party risk program with purpose-built functionality to add value throughout the vendor risk management lifecycle


Contract Term Tracking

Contracts are key to the success of any third-party risk management program. With Vendorpedia, extract key contract terms relevant to stakeholders across the business, whether it be procurement, security, privacy, finance, IT, or any other function. Trigger reassessments based on contract timelines and hold vendors accountable to SLAs.

Integration Marketplace

Third-party risk management teams shouldn’t have to operate in a silo. Vendorpedia offers more than 500 pre-built plugins, so your team can set up integrations in a matter of minutes, not days. The integrations marketplace helps your teams connect the dots between third-party risk, security, privacy, compliance, and more.

4th-Party Management

The vendors your third parties use can impact your security, privacy, and compliance risks. With Vendorpedia, manage 4th parties, reducing risks throughout the supply chain. Receive alerts and kick off automated actions when your third parties introduce new vendors that may present unwanted risks.

Vendor Response Portal

The simpler it is to complete an assessment, the faster you’ll receive results. Vendorpedia offers SIG imports for assessment autocompletion, as well as an intuitive user interface to make questionnaire response simpler. Enable question delegation and collaboration so the right people can respond to the questions relevant to their expertise.

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