Third-Party Risk Management Software

Leverage our TPRM software to automate workflows to streamline the third-party, vendor, or supplier lifecycle, from onboarding to risk mitigation and offboarding.

Third-Party Risk Management Risk Workflow

Scaling Third-Party Risk Management

OneTrust Vendorpedia Third-Party Risk Management enables you to create automation workflows to manage every vendor engagement, from onboarding to offboarding. Vendorpedia offers support for control frameworks, standards, and laws, such as NIST, ISO, CSA CAIQ, SIG, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NYDFS, GDPR, EBA, CCPA and many more. Vendorpedia helps you assess any type of third party, using any standard – all while giving you the capabilities to discover, remediate, and monitor granular risks in a single dashboard.

Third-Party Risk Management Inventory
Streamline Vendor Onboarding with Workflow Automation

Onboarding involves many stakeholders, and as a result, comes with many challenges. Vendorpedia workflows help you move vendors rapidly through due diligence process and onboard new vendors in less time. Choose from dozens of industry-standard risk assessment templates, and create repeatable processes that eliminate bottlenecks to streamline questionnaire completion.

Track Vendor Controls with Issue and Exception Management

Reporting on third-party risks and controls requires purpose-built software. In Vendorpedia, create automation rules and adjust risk scores, as well as leverage built-in frameworks to assign controls to vendor risks. Track risks over time and implement a risk treatment plan for systematic mitigation.

Third-Party Risk Management Dashboards
Generate Audit-Ready Reports and Dashboards

You can’t fix what you can’t measure. With Vendorpedia, create regulator-ready risk reports to streamline audits and demonstrate compliance. Auto-draw lineage diagrams to illustrate the flow of data and the systems involved. Integrate with business intelligence tools to identify trends and extract greater detail from data.

Maintain 360° Visibility with Vendor Profiles and Monitoring

It’s difficult to gain a holistic view of your third-party risk program. With Vendorpedia, you can gain this visibility by creating vendor profiles to monitor assessments, risks, controls, contracts, business activities, and performance metrics.

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Third-Party Risk Management
Automated Workflows

Create repeatable workflows that increase collaboration and enhance visibility with detailed vendor profiles

Financial Reporting
Granular Reporting

Generate third-party risk management dashboards for executive visibility and centralize granular vendor details

Vendor Security
Intelligent Risk Analysis

Use intelligence from OneTrust DataGuidance to analyze risks, build treatment plans, and automate actions for rapid mitigation

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