Third-Party Risk Management and the PCI DSS: How OneTrust Vendorpedia Helps

Scale your third-party risk management program with a single platform to track service provider risks and maintain records of PCI DSS compliance validation

Determine PCI DSS Compliance for Third-Party Service Providers

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to each entity involved in the processing of payment cards. PCI DSS compliance requires organizations relying on third-party service providers to identify risks that affect the security of cardholder data. Your organization must ensure that your service providers are PCI DSS compliant, either by obtaining evidence of their own independent assessments or by conducting third-party risk assessments.

Centralize Records of Service Providers' PCI DSS Evidence

Effective third-party risk management under PCI DSS requires the maintenance of evidence to demonstrate service providers’ compliance with PCI DSS. Centralize all necessary evidence for each third-party service provider within OneTrust Vendorpedia. Use the platform to record the service provider’s responsibilities and its PCI DSS requirements, as well as develop audit-ready reports and executive-level PCI DSS compliance dashboards.

Understand Which Service Providers Are PCI DSS Compliant

When performing due diligence, organizations must collect evidence of PCI DSS compliance from third-party service providers. What’s more, PCI DSS compliance must be in scope for the intended use case. The Vendorpedia Global Risk Exchange aggregates PCI DSS compliance research about thousands of service providers, including information about the scope of the PCI DSS audit report.

Automate Third-Party Service Provider Risk Assessments

Third-party risk assessments can be time-consuming, especially without automation or a dedicated third-party risk management software solution. With OneTrust Vendorpedia, assessments are conducted via a simple user interface, enabling faster completion and review, while also streamlining and tracking mitigation efforts with respect to PCI DSS requirements.

Identify Which Controls Servicer Providers Have in Place

To report on compliance, organizations should document which PCI DSS controls third-party service providers have in place. With OneTrust Vendorpedia, assessments are intelligent, automatically flagging risks and enabling PCI DSS control-tracking of third-party service providers.

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Key PCI DSS Compliance Capabilities with OneTrust Vendorpedia
Third-Party Risk Management Software

Centralized Recordkeeping

Maintain records to document and demonstrate PCI DSS compliance for your third-party service providers

Control Tracking

Upload PCI DSS controls into the Vendorpedia platform to track the security safeguards your third-party service providers have in place

Powerful PCI DSS Reporting

Build visual dashboards for executive level visibility, as well as create audit-ready, exportable compliance reports

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