OneTrust Vendorpedia Third-Party
Risk Exchange

A community of pre-completed, industry-standard vendor risk assessments, based on the Shared Assessments SIG

Third-Party Risk Exchange

Streamline Vendor Risk Assessments
with the Third-Party Risk Exchange

Are your vendors (and their vendors) safe to do business with? Find out with the Third-Party Risk Exchange, where you can access thousands of pre-completed vendor risk assessments, based on the Shared Assessments SIG. With the risk exchange, you can access SIG assessments on all your third parties, which align with every major standard, framework, and law, including NIST, ISO, CSA CAIQ, SIG, VSAQ, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NYDFS, GDPR, EBA, CCPA and many more.

Save Time with Pre-Completed Assessments

Using the Shared Assessments SIG, we’ve built a community of pre-completed vendor risk assessments that you can access through our exchange. The SIG maps to dozens of global laws and frameworks, such as NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001/27701, CSA CAIQ, and more.

Access Assessments on 70,000+ Vendors

Searching for security and privacy information on your vendors shouldn’t require scouring the web. The exchange offers a database of thousands of vendors containing valuable information, including assessments and security and privacy certifications.

Vendor Risk Management Report
Gain Service- and Product-Level Visibility

Your vendors have different services and products, each with unique risks. The Third-Party Risk Exchange makes assessments available at a granular level, enabling you to assess specific services and products to get the risk information you need.

Backed by OneTrust DataGuidance

OneTrust DataGuidance™ adds valuable research with information on the frameworks, standards, and laws that matter most to you. Powered by dozens of in-house researchers and a network of hundreds of lawyers around the world, DataGuidance helps update and provide guidance on the vendor risk assessments within the exchange.

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Third-Party Vendor Risk Management TPRM VRM
Up-to-Date Vendor Inventory

Keep your vendor inventory up to date with the latest vendor risk assessments on all your third parties

Vendor Risk Assessments
Faster Vendor Evaluation

Use pre-completed assessments from the exchange to speed up vendor due diligence

Vendor Risk Alerts
Risk and Control Gap Reports

Understand the gaps associated with your vendors and receive remediation recommendations to reduce risk

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