Reduce Your Vendor Risks with
the Third-Party Risk Exchange

Easily access risk analytics and control gap reports on thousands of vendors across 18 risk domains and critical standards, frameworks, and laws.

Third-Party Risk Exchange

The Exchange Automates Vendor
Risk Analysis & Control Identification

The Third-Party Risk Exchange is a global community where you can access risk analytics and control gap reports on thousands of vendors without ever getting bogged down in the back-and-forth of an assessment. The Exchange provides vendor results faster than a traditional vendor assessment and automatically calculates your vendors’ risk posture against the major standards, frameworks, and laws, including NIST, ISO, SIG, GDPR, NY DFS, and many more. The Exchange is reinventing the vendor risk assessment, focusing less on questions and answers, and more on what matters most: the risk and compliance implications of working with a vendor.

Third-Party Risk Exchange Auto Inherent Risk
Pinpoint Your High Risk Vendors with Auto Inherent Risk Scores
  • Tier your vendors with quick-view auto inherent risk scores
  • Prioritize risk evaluation efforts on your riskiest vendors
  • Save time by conducting the right depth of due diligence
Get Immediate Insights with Access to Thousands of Vendor Trust Profiles
  • Access Vendor Trust Profiles with in-depth compliance details
  • Know vendors’ security posture with built-in cyber risk scores
  • Use Exchange vendor research to build your vendor inventory
Third-Party Risk Exchange Control and Framework Filtering
Save Time on Assessment Reviews with Automated Risk & Control Gap Analysis
  • Measure your vendors’ risk across 18 critical risk domains
  • See control gaps for your preferred framework (NIST, ISO, etc.)
  • Review risk analytics with without tedious assessment reviews
Understand the State of Your Third-Party Risk Program with Powerful Reporting
  • Use dashboards & drill-down reports to track risk exposure
  • Automate recordkeeping to maintain evidence of compliance
  • Generate executive-ready PDFs to provide board-level clarity

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Support for 50+ Global Standards, Frameworks, and Laws

The Exchange uses the Shared Assessments SIG to generate risk analytics and control gaps across 50+ standards, frameworks, and laws, such as ISO 27001 and 27002, NIST 800-53r5, GDPR, EBA, PCI DSS, CSA, FFIEC, HIPAA, and many more.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management TPRM VRM

Prioritize your vendor inventory with out-of-the-box inherent risk insights, calculated with proprietary methodology, to understand the risk your vendors pose.

Vendor Risk Assessments

See Trust Profiles on all Exchange vendors, which include detailed security, privacy, and compliance information, as well as built-in cyber risk scores.

Vendor Risk Alerts

Access automatically calculated risk analytics and control gap reports on all your vendors, as well as mitigation recommendations provided by in-house researchers.

Compliance Reporting

Maintain records for compliance to demonstrate thorough due diligence and evidence of assessments in the event of an audit.

Third-Party Risk Management

Get updates when a vendor’s security, privacy, and compliance posture changes, without ever having to conduct a reassessment.

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