Vendorpedia Vendor Chasing Services™

Eliminate back-and-forth communication challenges that you experience when completing third-party risk assessments. Leverage a Vendorpedia agent to chase vendors and conduct vendor risk assessments on your behalf.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment Chasing Services Risk Assessments as a Service VRM TPRM

A New Approach to Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assessing third-party vendors is a time-consuming endeavor. Creating the assessments, identifying the right contact to complete it, following up, reviewing responses, asking for evidence and clarification; all of these manual and repetitive tasks eat away at productivity. For all Vendorpedia customers, OneTrust provides a value-added Vendor Chasing Service™ that eliminates the back-and-forth communication challenges you experience when trying to get third parties to complete vendor risk assessments.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment Chasing Services Risk Assessments as a Service VRM TPRM
Offload Questionnaires with Risk Assessments as a Service

When assessing vendors, half the battle is getting a response. With Vendorpedia, we handle all assessment-related work, including identifying correct contacts, following up, and answering any of your vendors’ questions.

Save Money & Reallocate Resources

Your third-party risk team doesn’t need to be bogged down with endless vendor assessments. Vendor Chasing Services are included with your license, and the service eliminates repetitive tasks, giving your team the bandwidth to work on high-value projects.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment Chasing Services Risk Assessments as a Service VRM TPRM
Get Vendor Responses Faster

Your time is money, and assessing third parties can be painstakingly slow. When you use Vendor Chasing Services, you enlist a team of expert agents to work directly with your vendors. Our team has developed a proprietary and systematic approach to complete vendor assessments in a timely manner.

Use Our Multilingual Agents at Any Time

Your team shouldn’t have to work around the clock, but that doesn’t mean productivity needs to come to a halt. OneTrust Vendorpedia agents are multilingual, located around the world, and work 24/7 to deliver results.

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