Improving Third-Party Risk Management with a Community of 500+ OneTrust Technology Partners

OneTrust Vendorpedia integrates with the tools you rely on most, helping you to simplify third-party risk management with easy-to-use plugins and our powerful automation engine.


Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is a leading global provider of commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses. As a OneTrust Technology Partner, Dun & Bradstreet delivers enhanced risk insights and unprecedented vendor monitoring throughout the third-party risk management lifecycle.



BitSight provides measurements of an organization’s cybersecurity performance through its Security Ratings. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and BitSight Security Ratings add value to third-party risk teams by enhancing monitoring capabilities and providing greater risk visibility throughout the third-party risk management lifecycle.

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NormShield offers comprehensive cyber rating results that highlight critical risk areas while automating feedback on how to address them. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and Normshield help organizations streamline third-party risk assessments while gaining more visibility over technical, financial, and compliance risks.

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Dow Jones

Dow Jones offers technology, advanced data feeds, expert research, award-winning journalism and customizable apps and delivery systems to its customers. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and Dow Jones provide greater risk intelligence, enabling organizations to reduce critical vulnerabilities relating to their vendors, suppliers, and other third parties.

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FICO helps businesses make better decisions by providing analytics to help drive higher levels of growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and FICO enhance visibility over your third parties to help you proactively reduce risk.

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Supply Wisdom

Supply Wisdom provides continuous third-party risk intelligence, real-time risk monitoring, and health scorecards to minimize the risks of disruption. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and Supply Wisdom bring third-party issues to the surface, changing the way you identify and mitigate risks.

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RDC + Bureau Van Dijk

RDC + Bureau Van Dijk combine risk data, analytics, human expertise, and AI technology to identify counter-party risks. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and RDC + Bureau Van Dijk enable organizations to pinpoint third-party risks and automate appropriate mitigation actions.

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SecurityScorecard provides cybersecurity ratings, with over one million companies continuously rated. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and SecurityScorecard improve an organization’s ability to scrutinize their third parties’ cybersecurity posture over time and automate appropriate actions.

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Coupa offers business spend management technology through a unified platform that allows you to see all spending in one place. Together, OneTrust Vendorpedia and Coupa bring together critical aspects of a third-party relationship, providing spend and risk visibility over your entire third-party risk program.

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And Hundreds More...

OneTrust Vendorpedia offers 500+ out-of-the-box plugins with leading technology providers. And with our Open API framework, organizations can create custom integrations to streamline critical tasks.

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