Supply Chain Risk Management and the DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Organizations seeking to work with the DoD must first obtain a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certificate (CMMC). As part of this process, organizations should implement proper supply chain risk management as a subset of their overall risk management program. OneTrust Vendorpedia can help organizations manage supplier risk with the ability to know which suppliers are certified under the CMMC.

What is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)?

The DoD established the CMMC to measure the maturity of an organization’s use and implementation of cybersecurity controls. To work with the DoD, your organization must obtain a CMMC certificate, as well as ensure that your suppliers are certified under CMMC.

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Achieve Certification Under the CMMC with a Secure Supply Chain

The CMMC model encompasses 17 cybersecurity domains, many of which apply directly to supply chain risk management. With Vendorpedia, manage supplier risk to adhere to the CMMC’s processes and technical practices that measure your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

Use the Cyber Risk Exchange to Know Which Vendors Have Their CMMC

Subcontractors for a DoD contract need to be certified under the CMMC. The Vendorpedia Cyber Risk Exchange will monitor publicly available certifications for you, enabling you to quickly research which suppliers have their CMMC.

Track Your Vendors’ CMMC Levels

To work with the DoD, your suppliers and subcontractors must have CMMC certificates awarded at specific levels, depending on the contract. Use Vendorpedia to maintain a supplier inventory to track the specific CMMC levels of your entire supply chain.

Get Alerts When Supplier CMMC Levels Change or Expire

There are five different levels of certification under CMMC. Get notified through the Vendorpedia Cyber Risk Exchange when your suppliers’ certification levels change or expire, and trigger tailored workflows to address potential risks.

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Supply Chain Risk Management Under the CMMC Model

Third-Party Vendor Risk Management Assessments and Due Diligence VRM TPRM
Supplier Assessments

Assess the controls your suppliers have in place, test their CMMC maturity levels, and mitigate risks as they arise

CMMC Control Tracking

Track the CMMC controls your vendors have in place to know risks associated with missing controls

Cyber Risk Exchange

Access information on suppliers through the exchange, including whether they’ve achieved CMMC certification