Businesses + Vendors: How to Make The Third-Party Risk Marriage Work

1 HOUR 11 am EDT | 4 pm BST | 8 am PDT

To reduce vendor-related risks, businesses must conduct security assessments on their vendors. On the other side, vendors must respond to these time-consuming questionnaires. And with recent disruptive events, such as the pandemic and major security breaches like SolarWinds, the volume of security questionnaires a vendor receives has increased drastically.


So, how can businesses and vendors work together in a way that benefits both sides, giving businesses more trust in their vendors, and giving vendors the ability to provide confidence in their security programs?


In this webinar, we brought together both sides of the vendor risk management equation – a business and a vendor – to share their perspective of what it’s like to send and respond to security questionnaires. In having this discussion, we hope to provide insight and tips that can help streamline the vendor risk assessment process for everyone involved.


Our panelists will discuss:

  • Their experiences with sending and responding to questionnaires
  • The pain points on each side of the assessment process
  • What businesses and vendors can do to make the process easier for each other
  • Solutions to work better together to build mutual trust and reduce workload


The speaker Jaymin Desai's profile image
Jaymin Desai

Third-Party Risk Offering Manager

OneTrust Vendorpedia

The speaker Milou Lammers's profile image
Milou Lammers

Compliance Manager, J.D.


The speaker Mark Roselli's profile image
Mark Roselli

IT Manager


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