NY SHIELD Act: What It Means for Third-Party Risk

Another law is on the horizon. By broadening the definition of personal data, outlining data breach notification requirements, and setting out service provider risk management requirements, the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act has implications that span across security, privacy, and third-party risk. In preparation for the March 21st go-live date, we want to make sure your equipped with the knowledge needed to comply. In this webinar you’ll learn the NY SHIELD Act requirements for third-party risk, including:

  • Ensuring service providers are capable of maintaining appropriate cybersecurity practices
  • Developing contracts that meet the SHIELD requirements for service providers
  • Assessing your internal cybersecurity program as it relates to service providers
  • Monitoring effectiveness of service provider risk management
  • Adapting your third-party risk program to address business changes