Questionnaire Response Automation for Vendors

Automatically answer any incoming security, privacy, and due diligence questionnaires. Manage all incoming requests for information, build an answer library, and securely share documentation with Vendorpedia Questionnaire Response Automation.

Free Tool for Vendors Questionnaire Answer Library

Are You Constantly Responding to Security, Privacy, and Due Diligence Questionnaires?

We’ve designed our Questionnaire Response Automation tool to help you automate the completion of incoming questionnaires. The tool offers a simple dashboard to collaborate on incoming questionnaires, store all your questionnaire answers and security documentation, as well as automatically answer any assessment. Our answer-matching technology matches your stored answers with incoming questionnaires using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and OneTrust Athena™ AI.

Free Questionnaire Completion Tool for Vendors
Complete Your Next Questionnaire Automatically

Use the Questionnaire Response Automation tool to automatically answer any incoming questionnaire. Answer-matching technology within uses NLP, AI, and ML to improve accuracy over time. Review answers and make adjustments before sending back to the requesting organization.

Maintain a Library of Your Answers from Previously Completed Questionnaires

With Questionnaire Response Automation, eliminate repetitive work by saving answers from your previously completed questionnaires. Attach evidence to each answer in your library to reduce the time spent searching for the right documentation. Use those answers to automatically complete your next incoming questionnaire.

Free Tool for Vendors Manage Incoming Questionnaires
Create, Manage, and Collaborate on Projects to Streamline Questionnaire Response

Leverage the Questionnaire Response Automation tool as your central hub for handling all incoming questionnaires and requests for information. With the tool, get organized by managing each incoming questionnaire as individual projects. Collaborate internally, and with the requesting organization, to answer questionnaires and provide necessary evidence during security, privacy, and compliance evaluations.

Securely Share Documents, Certifications, and Audit Reports

Store security, privacy, and compliance documentation for easy access, and when needed, securely send evidence directly through the portal. Take advantage of expiring links to provide and revoke access to sensitive information after a designated time period.

See the Questionnaire Response Automation
Tool in Action

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Vendor Risk Assessments
Answer Questionnaires

Save your answers and use them to automatically answer any incoming questionnaire

Share Documentation

Securely send (and easily revoke access to) security, privacy, and compliance documentation

Manage Incoming Requests

Get organized with a centralized dashboard to manage all incoming requests for information

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