Monitor the Performance, Reliability, and Quality of All Your Third Parties

Work with only the best third parties and hold them accountable to their contracts and SLAs

Are Your Third Parties Adding Value and Meeting Your Expectations?

Many companies work with hundreds, even thousands, of suppliers and other vendors. With these numbers, it’s difficult to differentiate between the ones that are helping your bottom line and the ones that are detrimental to your business. So, how can you hold vendors accountable to contracts, performance expectations, and SLAs? With OneTrust Vendorpedia, monitoring capabilities and automation engines, powered by OneTrust Athena AI, enables your team to maintain a constant pulse on your vendors.

Monitor Performance, Reliability, and Quality of All Your Third Parties

Track performance, reliability, and quality over time with customizable performance scorecards. Automate business reviews and trigger offboarding workflows should a vendor fail to meet your expectations.

Hold Your Third Parties Accountable to Key Contract Terms and SLAs

Report on key contract terms and monitor vendor performance against SLAs with detailed accountability reports. Build automation triggers to kick off investigation assessments when contract terms and SLAs aren’t met. Pinpoint vendor issues as they arise and take appropriate action.

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Build Vendor Performance Dashboards and Detailed Metrics

Build a holistic performance vendor management dashboard with detailed scorecards. Track different performance risk categories, from reliability to quality. Drill down to see detailed performance metrics on individual vendors or by vendor groupings.

Streamline Business Reviews and Kickoff Renewal or Offboarding Workflows

Perform vendor value and performance reviews with dynamic questionnaires. Automatically trigger business reviews based on contract expiration dates. Kick off renewal or offboarding workflows based on metrics that matter to your organization.

See How Vendorpedia Can Help You Monitor Your Vendors’ Performance

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Performance Scorecards

Track performance for each individual vendor with customizable metrics

Third-Party Risk Management Chasing Services
SLA Monitoring

Monitor SLAs for all your vendors and hold them accountable to agreements

Third-Party Risk Management Chasing Services
Contract Enforcement

Report on performance against key contract terms and automate enforcement actions

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