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OneTrust Vendorpedia Platform

Intelligence, Automation, and Monitoring
to Scale Your Third-Party Risk Program

Vendor Assessments

Centrally manage vendors with risk assessment automation workflows to identify, track, and mitigate third-party risks.


Chasing Services

Get vendor risk assessments completed faster by offloading third-party questionnaires to a OneTrust agent at no additional cost.

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Vendor Exchange

Research vendors, use pre-completed assessments, and maintain an evergreen inventory with vendor security & privacy updates.

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Vendor Contracts

Extract and link contract terms and DPAs to third-party engagements for vendor accountability and compliance.

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Vendor Data Flows

Auto-draw lineage diagrams and automate recordkeeping to map data flows and understand how your data is protected.

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Vendor Monitoring

Monitor vendors with proactive detection of risks and compliance threats as they arise, all while keeping vendor records updated.

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Vendor Breach & Enforcement

Get notified when vendors are subject to breaches or regulatory enforcements, tracked by 40+ in-house experts and 500 lawyers.

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Vendor Portal

Enable your vendors to respond faster with a questionnaire autocompletion tool for any assessment, even custom ones.

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