Gain Visibility Into Your Supply Chain Resilience and Streamline Business Continuity Plans

Assess resiliency of your third parties and develop business continuity plans as a part of your third-party risk management program (TPRM).

Business Continuity and Resilience

Endure and Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

In times of disruption, organizations can encounter supply chain challenges when suppliers are unable to deliver products and services. Assess the resiliency of your supply chain and develop appropriate business continuity plans. With OneTrust Vendorpedia, organizations can take steps to proactively prepare and rapidly react when difficult situations arise.

Supply Chain Resilience
Assess and Monitor the Resiliency of Your Supply Chain

Develop a holistic third-party risk management (TPRM) program to understand risk associated with your suppliers’ ability to deliver products and services. Identify concentration risks, pinpoint volatile vendors and analyze market intelligence from OneTrust DataGuidance to enhance your organization’s business continuity plans.

Automate Business Continuity Workflows

Execute your business continuity plan with tailored workflows. For example, when a geographical risk arises, identify all suppliers in the region and take necessary actions. And with Vendorpedia, maintain a full activity trail to make retrospective incident analysis simpler.

Business Continuity and Resilience
Report on High-Risk and Disrupted Suppliers

Generate dynamic dashboards to analyze your business’s resilience. Create detailed sort-and-filter reports to uncover vulnerable suppliers. Lastly, leverage DataGuidance intelligence to understand market conditions that may impact your supply chain.

Understand Your Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Generate reports and visualizations to identify weak points in your supply chain. Pinpoint gaps and vulnerabilities to influence your business continuity plans for the suppliers you rely on most.

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Embedded Intelligence

Use OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence to monitor global market conditions for disruptive events

SLA Monitoring

Hold suppliers accountable to SLAs and track performance over time across your supply chain

Contract Term Tracking

Confirm that supplier contracts contain the key business continuity and resilience terms you care about

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