VendorRiskConnect Goes Virtual: Announcing New Online Workshops

BLOG 2 MINS | April 6, 2020
VendorRiskConnect Goes Virtual: Announcing New Online Workshops

Registration is now open for our online VendorRiskConnect Workshops!

VendorRiskConnect virtual workshops are live, 2-hour webinar events focused on operationalizing effective third-party risk management programs. These interactive sessions focus on key industry issues, offering education and training for topics such as: security frameworks and controls, third-party risk trends, and vendor performance monitoring best practices.

VendorRiskConnect virtual workshops are led by experienced third-party risk practitioners and are designed to arm you with practical advice to mature your third-party risk program.

To offer more tailored content relevant to your location, we are excited to announce workshops for both the Americas and the EMEA region.

What Will You Learn?

Online content for 2020 will dive deep into the pressing issues facing today’s third-party risk, procurement, sourcing, security, and privacy professionals through practitioner-led sessions and expert panels.

Topic #1: Expanding Third-Party Risk Management

To some, third-party risk management may be restricted to cyber risks and cloud vendors. For others, its business continuity and the supply chain. In this session, you’ll learn how world-class third-party risk teams are evolving their programs to address risks beyond cybersecurity.

Topic #2: Blueprint for Risk and Performance Monitoring

There’s a reason some organizations call it third-party “relationship” management. Vendor engagements are ongoing, making risk and performance monitoring vital. This session will lay out a blueprint for risk and performance monitoring methods, as well as provide insight into what to track and how.

Want to learn the latest trends in third-party risk management? Register for a VendorRiskConnect workshop today!


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