OneTrust Vendorpedia Launches Free Tool for Third-Party Risk Teams

OneTrust Vendorpedia Launches Free Tool for Third-Party Risk Teams

Managing the risk and performance of your vendors is essential to successful business operations.

Because of this, OneTrust Vendorpedia is excited to announce a free third-party risk management tool to help companies measure, remediate and monitor their vendor’s security, privacy, and compliance risks (as well as performance). The free tool, which is powered by OneTrust DataGuidance™ and Athena™ AI, supports over 300+ global frameworks, standards, and laws

Get started with the OneTrust Vendorpedia free tool

The OneTrust Vendorpedia free tool allows companies across industries, regions, and regulatory landscapes to manage their entire third-party risk program, enabling faster assessments, streamlining risk mitigation, maintaining ongoing oversight, and generating detailed reports to manage the entire vendor engagement lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.

The free tool comes with limited access to our Cyber Risk Exchange, which contains a database of security and privacy details on 60,000 vendors, as well as shared vendor risk assessments.

With the Vendorpedia free tool, you get access to:

  • Out-of-the-box vendor risk assessment templates
  • Cross-team automation workflow builder
  • Automatic vendor risk detection and gap analysis reporting
  • Vendor inventory, dashboards, and detailed vendor views
  • Security and privacy research on 60,000 third parties

“Our goal is that all businesses, regardless of size or budget, are able to leverage the power of OneTrust Vendorpedia to support their third-party risk operations,” said Jaymin Desai, OneTrust Vendorpedia Offering Manager. “OneTrust Vendorpedia’s free tool will allow businesses to streamline and automate complex vendor-related operations to provide increased efficiencies and agility.”

Get started with the Vendorpedia free tool today!

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