The Vendorpedia and BitSight Strategic Partnership

The Vendorpedia and BitSight Strategic Partnership

Increase automation, improve visibility, and enhance monitoring by combining OneTrust Vendorpedia and BitSight Security Ratings

How Vendorpedia and BitSight Work Together

OneTrust Vendorpedia offers a platform to implement a consistent third-party risk management program across your organization. BitSight Security Ratings add additional data points to help your organization make rapid and more intelligent risk management decisions. Together, the two technologies add value to third-party risk teams with enhanced monitoring capabilities and greater risk visibility.

Sync Vendors Across Platforms

Link BitSight and Vendorpedia to maintain consistency and a single source of truth across platforms. Move seamlessly between platforms with single sign-on (SSO) integration to simplify workflow execution.

Create Automation Triggers with BitSight Ratings

Automate vendor lifecycle actions, including dynamic reassessment as BitSight Security Ratings change. Flag risks within Vendorpedia and track mitigation efforts when BitSight Security Ratings change.

Create More Detailed Vendor Profiles

Add BitSight Security Ratings to all of your third parties within the Vendorpedia vendor inventory. Use the Security Ratings within each vendor profile to better understand the security, compliance, and privacy programs of your third parties.

Add BitSight Ratings to Lineage Diagrams

Use BitSight to identify inherent risks and add context with Vendorpedia by tracking processing activities. Overlay BitSight Security Ratings on lineage diagrams to view vendor risks for each processing activity.

Want to see how Vendorpedia and BitSight work together to streamline third-party risk management?

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The Unique Value of the Vendorpedia and BitSight Integration

Continuous Monitoring

Bullet Understand your vendors’ risk posture over time for better visibility through the third-party relationship.

Portfolio Management

Bullet Add greater detail to your vendor portfolios with up-to-date BitSight Security Rating details

Automation Workflows

Bullet Address new risks quickly by triggering reassessments and taking other actions when BitSight Security Ratings change

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