Use Auto Inherent Risk Insights to Prioritize the Vendors That Pose the Greatest Risks

Streamline decision-making and automatically segment your vendor inventory into prioritized tiers

Third-Party Risk Management Dashboards

Not All Vendors Are Created Equal. OneTrust Vendorpedia Helps You Determine Which Ones Matter Most.

When executing on your vendor risk management program, understanding which vendors pose the greatest inherent risk is critical to acting swiftly and effectively. With OneTrust Vendorpedia, rapidly categorize all vendors from low to high risk; choose assessment types and approaches based on tier; and then take bulk actions to automate the assessment process all at once.

Risk Mitigation
Auto Calculate Inherent Risk on Every Vendor

Create risk tiers based on your vendor risk appetite. When vendors are added to your inventory, easily determine the inherent risk for one or thousands of vendors at once, with minimal details provided by the business.

Conduct Bulk Assessments and Tailor Workflows Based on Inherent Risk

Take different assessment approaches based on risk levels. For example, send short threshold assessments to low risk vendors or order remote or onsite assessment validation for the most critical vendors.

OneTrust Athena
Determine Assessment Validation Levels with Vendor Tiering

Define assessment validation levels based on where vendors fall in your defined risk tiers. Choose vendor self-attestation or order remote and onsite validations – performed by industry-leading consultancies – directly through the platform.

Add Context to Inherent Risks with OneTrust Athena™ & OneTrust DataGuidance™

Use built-in intelligence to add context to risks. Take suggestions from OneTrust Athena™ AI and OneTrust DataGuidance™ to identify specific factors that can influence risk levels, such as region, vendor type, market condition, regulatory jurisdiction, and more.

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Third-Party Risk Management
Rapid Vendor Prioritization

Use our import template to instantly calculate the risk for all your vendors

Financial Reporting
Intelligent Insights

Prioritize the vendors that matter most to streamline vendor risk management

Vendor Security
Automate Actions

Automate different actions and send different assessments based on a vendor’s tier

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