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Affiliate & Syndication Programs


Expand your reach and increase your revenues with the Affiliate & Syndication Programs!

These programs allow you to offer a Vendor Directory directly from your own website - and earn money for doing so!

Option 1: Affiliate Program
Simply place a link on your website that directs people to and earn 10% of whatever they buy!

Option 2: Private-Label Syndication
Our Private-Label Syndication Program allows you to offer the Vendor Directory, Press Release, or other functionality directly from your website.

Perfect for Magazines, Associations, or portal websites, it gives new ways to serve your existing members, customers, and/or website visitors - and attract new ones.

Having a Vendor Directory not only increases your website's popularity and usage, it also creates the following revenue-generating opportunities:
  • New page views for regular ads
  • Premium Ad Sponsorship opportunities
  • Up to 25% commissions on vendor enrollment fees
  • Up to 25% of vendor enrollment fees to pay for co-op print and online advertising
  • Recurring revenues through a 50-50% commission split on any products sold
You also receive a customizable enrollment page that allows you to integrate your other advertising options!
Customizable Enrollment Package Example:

Magazine XYZ partners with us to offer a Vendor Directory from its website. Its Enrollment Options may look like this:
Option A: $1,995 for Vendor Directory Enrollment Only
Option B: $11,995 for Vendor Directory Plus Full Page Ad
Option C: $29,995 for Vendor Directory Plus 3 Full Page Ads
Earnings Example:

Using the example above, Magazine XYZ enrolls 20 vendors it first month, only one of which also purchased a $10k print advertising package. It earns $29,950 this month, plus commissions on any product sales!

Commission Breakdown:
$29,950 equals 25% of the $1,995 enrollment fee for each vendor enrolled, plus 25% of the enrollment fee for co-op ads, plus $10,000 in new print advertising sales
Why VendorPedia

You receive immediate access to fully-fleshed content areas, and don't need to spend months or more in trying to develop each of these areas independently.

Your Vendor Directory, Press Release, or other functionality is provided in a plug-and-play format for displaying on your website, so implementation essentially means you create a new link on your home page and copy and paste the code we give you onto a new page on your website. That's it!

Further, you have no payroll, benefits, tech design and creation, or other costs or fees involved. In reality, you gain a profitable new division with no overhead that earns you 50% or more net to the bottom line!

Costs / Rewards

There is a one-time licensing and set-up fee of $9,900 for this option, which essentially equals your commissions on the first ten vendors you enroll. From then on, VendorPedia will be one of your best profit centers!

Option 3: Advertising Relationship provides guaranteed print advertising to select magazines that do not want to integrate VendorPedia into their website, but whom would like a traditional advertising relationship.

How It Works

We purchase four ads during the first year from these select magazines for a base rate of $5,000, and provide a guarantee of additional advertising based on how much business is generated from that magazine, as follows:
10 to 25 new vendors = guaranteed $10k in print advertising
26 to 50 new vendors = guaranteed $25k in print advertising
50 to 99 new vendors = guaranteed $50k in print advertising
Why The Advertising Relationship Option

The Advertising Relationship option is perfect for those organizations that do not have the capability or desire to integrate a Vendor Directory into their operations (see Syndication Option above), or that don't have a sales force large enough to sell a Vendor Directory.

Under this option, the magazine uses us to sell to Vendors, fills some of their open print advertising slots, and generates significant advertising revenues on a recurring basis. We also work with you to sell individual and co-op ads to our vendors.

Costs / Rewards

There is no cost to participate in this option, yet the reward is substantial as you can earn ongoing ad revenues from us, as well as create new advertisers from our list of vendors!

Option 4: Licensing For Regional Versions makes its system available for use as a Regional Directory. Ideal for region-specific organizations and associations, it provides the full functionality of, only you provide your own content.

Price various according to the required functionality. Please call us at 770-410-0553 for details.

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