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Features & Benefits Of Using VendorPedia

The VendorPedia Value

We have over 10 years experience as a reseller of products and services in the HR, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Health Care industries.

Over that time, our superior SEO placement, our direct email promotions, and our trusted brands have generated millions of dollars in sales - plus some untold number in branding and visibility - for our vendor partners.

We are almost always the top marketing partner for our vendor partners, often generating 10% or more of our partners' annual revnues.

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How VendorPedia Generates Sales & Visibility For You

VendorPedia is designed to allow vendors to instantaneously show their most up-to-date sales, contact, and product information to purchasers. We simply use the same tried and true processes we've used for over 10 years to get you in front of these buyers!

Our methods include:
  • Traditional methods such as print ads, press releases, and product promotions

  • Direct promotions to our customer's email boxes

  • Advanced methods such as SEO and online searches, through blogs, audio and video clips, RSS feeds, and more! (don't worry, you don't need to be a techie; simply provide your articles, press releases, audio or video clips, etc., and we'll do the heavy lifting for you!)
These exact methods have generated over 250 first page placements on Yahoo!, Google, and MSN and millions of dollars of sales for our company, and now they're available to you!

Please keep in mind that VendorPedia is not a print directory where you get a measly 50-word company description and half the names and contact info are incorrect 30 days after publication. It is an online, interactive directory that uses cutting-edge technology and great distribution partners to help you increase your sales and visibility.

VendorPedia Benefits

First and foremost, VendorPedia is designed to increase your sales and visibility. But most importantly, buyers can contact you directly, or purchase your products direclty online!
Our easy-to-use website includes a full-page profile which allows you to show your complete contact information 24x7x365.
This information can be changed online at any time, so you'll never have incorrect or outdated contact information.

Use your profile to post pictures, include links to your demos, brochures, newsletters, and more.

Need more publicity? Post your press releases, articles, white papers, and more! Each points back to your website, giving you additional SEO value!

And that's not all! You can even receive phone calls, emails, and RFPs directly from interested buyers!
Here are a few of the things we'll do to generate sales, visibility, and branding for your organization:

  • Additional Internet Sales & Traffic For You!

    Research shows that most individuals now use the Internet to find products and services.

    But unless you are listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and the other search engines, you typically will not get the business from these Internet users.

    Fortunately, we have over 250 first page placements on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, and drive significant sales from these placements. And now we're putting our successes to work for you!

  • Distribution Through Our Trusted TrainingCenter Brands

    Our websites have generated millions of dollars in sales for our partners, and now they can start working for you!

    We use our trusted TrainingCenter brands to help sell your products and services. TrainingCenter aggressively promotes products and services to professionals in a variety of ways, including weekly eNewsletters, twice-weekly email promotions, Vendor, Speaker, Expert, and Coaching Program directories, and Syndicated Event Calendars!

    You receive applicable inclusion in our HR, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, and HealthCare TrainingCenters. Simply post your books, seminars, online courses, or other products and services and let us get to work for you!

    And the good news is its free to post your content with us - we only get paid if we sell something for you!

  • Distribution Through Our Syndication Partners

    We provide you with additional sales and exposure by syndicating content to a number of Magazines, Associations, and industry-leading websites.

    Each of these Syndication Partners essentially has a "powered-by" section of their websites for licensing, education, career development, events, or our directories.

  • Complete Order Tracking & Monthly Payouts

    Whether the sale comes from our websites or those of our Syndication Partners, we provide real-time order notification and monthly royalty checks!

    We also provide complete reporting on hits and click-throughs, so you'll know exactly how much a particular product, article, white paper, brochure, or press release is seen!

  • In-Line Affiliate, Promotional, & Sponsorship Opportunities

    By working with VendorPedia, you also receive the ability to promote your products and services in the 10+ million eNewsletters and ePromotions sent each month to professionals in the above-mentioned verticals.

    We can either promote your products and services for a commission, or you can rent our lists yourself!

    View Additional Promotional Opportunities

  • List Rentals

    Whether it be products, white papers, or free demos, organizations that want to proactively reach professionals can rent our email lists.

    We rent the lists we use ourselves for our TrainingCenter websites and, depending upon your preferred vertical, can send email promotions to anywhere between 100,000 and 1 million professionals!

So why not hire us to put our successful methods to work for you? Not only will you find us cost-effective and easy to work with, but you'll see your sales and SEO rankings increase!

Action Steps: Get Started With VendorPedia Today!

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