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Don't Have A Vendor Directory?
Have One But It Isn't Generating Revenues For You?
Losing Existing Advertisers Because You Can't Prove How Much Business You Generate?

Let's face it: buyers want a quick and easy way to find products and services, and advertisers want proof that advertising with you helps to sell their products and services.

With a VendorPedia Vendor Directory, you get both! Users get an easy to use resource for finding, researching, and buying products and services, while vendors receive an invaluable tool for reaching their target market!

Buyer Benefits Advertiser Benefits
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can find vendor and products
  • Can research vendors and products
  • Can either:

    Contact vendors directly, or
    Purchase products from the directory, or
    Can send RFP directly to vendors
  • Increased sales
  • Customizable profile page for showing company, sales, and contact information
  • Can show articles, press releases, brochures, demo, white papers, and more!
  • Fully-trackable click and sales reporting!

About VendorPedia

VendorPedia specializes in providing directory technology to enhance your market position and profitability!

We have over 10 years experience as a reseller of products and services in the HR, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, and Health Care industries.

Over that time, our superior SEO placement, our direct email promotions, and our trusted brands have generated millions of dollars in sales - plus some untold number in branding and visibility - for our vendor partners.

We partner with publishers, associations, and key industry websites to provide these partners with the ability to increase key content on their websites, expand their current advertiser relationships, and generate new non-dues or commission revenues.

Partnering Options

We can either create and sell against a new vendor directory for you, or integrate our content into an existing directory to enhance your directory's usability and value, as described below.
  • New Directory Needs
    VendorPedia can have you in business overnight! All content is provided in a plug and play format for displaying on your website. You simply create a new page on your website and insert a couple lines of html coding that we provide, and your vendor directory is ready to use!

    And to remove the strain of having your own salesforce sell against a blank directory, we even pre-populate and help sell your directory for you!

    You benefit by having a fully-functional vendor directory from day one, plus earn a 50-50% commission split on any products sold!


  • Existing Directory Providers
    Most publishers tell us that their vendor directories are not a high-priority, they have a hard time getting their salesforce to sell against it, or that they do it as a favor to further showcase some of their big print advertisers. In other words, they're not making any money from it.

    What they don't realize is that they could be at risk of losing their print advertising to a competitor who does provide a great, fully-trackable vendor directory.

    Savvy publishers therefore partner with VendorPedia to:

    • Attract and retain advertisers
    • Earn commissions for themselves and their advertisers
    • Receive fully-trackable click and sales reporting to keep existing advertisers
    • Utilize our sales force to help sell their product line


  • Included Content & Functionality
    Not only does our Vendor Directory come pre-populated with advertisers, but you receive the following benefits:

    • All vendor articles, press releases, white papers, demos, brochures, products, and services are automatically linked throughout the site, making it easier for users to find, research, and purchase!
    • You receive a 50-50% commission split on all product sales!
    • Vendors receive fully-trackable click and sales reporting; you keep these existing advertisers because you can show to the penny how much revenue you have created!
    • In addition to your own website, you can utilize our distribution network to help sell your advertiser's products!

  • Sales
    Use our salesforce and distribution network to help sell your advertiser's products and services!

    Not only will your advertiser's products and services show on your own vendor directory, but we'll promote them through our distribution network.

    You'll enhance your value, and provide a no-lose scenario come renewal time!

Benefits Of A VendorPedia Directory

You benefit by:
  • Instant Market Penetration
    You receive immediate access to fully-fleshed content areas, and don't need to spend months or more in trying to develop each of these areas independently

  • No Overhead Or Start-Up Costs
    You receive 50% of all commissions, and you have no payroll, benefits, or other support costs. In reality, you gain a new division that earns you 50+% net to the bottom line!

  • Brand Extension
    With VendorPedia, you'll have more content that your Members and website visitors want.

  • Increased Revenues
    VendorPedia provides your organization with several new streams of revenue.


    • You keep 100% of all revenues from ads you sell on your directory pages
    • You get a 50-50 revenue split on commissions from any products or services sold
    • You generate more page views, more advertising revenues from these new pages, and full credit from the search engines to improve your overall website's search ranking

  • No Work For You
    We'll do all the work of crafting your vendor directory. You simply create a new page on your website and add the html coding that we provide. We'll track sales and pay you monthly commissions. It's that simple!

Getting Started

Get the VendorPedia advantage by offering a vendor directory directly from your website.

Contact us the number below for more questions or to get started!

Yours truly,

Charlie Bross

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