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Features & Pricing

Get Increased Sales & Visibility For Your Products, Services, & Events

Our Experience

We have over 10 years experience as a reseller of products and services in the HR, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Legal, Safety, Health Care, and IT industries.

Over that time, our superior SEO placement, our direct email promotions, and our trusted brands have generated millions of dollars in sales - plus some untold number in branding and visibility - for our vendor partners.

Our Value

VendorPedia has three ways to provide your organization with additional sales, branding, visibility, and SEO links. We can even sell your products for you!

If Sold Through Our Network


...If you have a book, CD, seminar, event, or online course you want us to sell through our websites and Distribution Network.

Essentially, we absorb the cost to market your products in return for a performance-based commission.

You receive the following for at no cost if we can sell your products and services and earn a commission whenever we sell something for you.

Under this option, you can show your:

  • Company name, logo, url, phone
  • Articles and Audio Interviews
  • Your mission statement and differentiators
  • Your books, CDs, seminars, events, or services
You also receive:
  • Real-time order notification
  • Order tracking
  • Monthly commission checks!

If Linked Back To Your Website

$995 Annually

...If you handle the sale yourself, offer commissions to us through an affiliate arrangement, or want SEO links.

Under this option, you receive:

  • A profile page that shows your company name, logo, url, phone, and sales contact information
  • The ability to show your Articles, audio interviews, and press releases
  • Valuable SEO links to your website, product catalog, and newsletters
  • A showcase for your brochures, white papers, product demos, video or audio clips, products, seminars, and events
  • Leads for your customizable training or services
  • Reporting & Brand Management Tools
  • "Contact Me" and "RFP To Me" functionality that allows customers to contact you directly via email
  • One text ad promotion for your products, services, and events in the applicable eNewsletter
  • Two tile ad promotions for your products, services, and events in the applicable eNewsletter

Other Opportunities: Inclusion In Our Specialty Directories

$995 Annually

...For inclusion in any of the Specialty Directories listed below:
  • Vendor Directory
  • Coaching Program Directory
  • Listen, Ask, Hire An Expert
  • Speakers Bureau
Click Here For A Demo On How We Promote These Directories

Additional Marketing Options
Item Price  
Article inclusions FREE Details
Featured Promotions In Our eNewsletter 2 promotions annually for $2,995 Details
Tile Ads Monthly Run-Of-Site, plus 4x in eNewsletter for $995 Details
email Sponsorships Event sponsorship of $995 per Details
Dedicated Email Blasts / List Rental $99 CPM, 50k minimum Details

Our Reach
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Contact Us / Get Started
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